Committed to health and social care

We provide a unique platform that brings together specialized communities dedicated to the improvement of health. We offer a place where professionals can meet to exchange knowledge and do business without obstacles, helping to propel the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries forward.

Medical Events

Learn, share and meet with the highest professionals in the healthcare industry.

Bamberg Health is a platform designed for health professionals focused on providing new knowledge and coverage on the healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotech, food, and health technology industries through virtual and in-person events


Many representatives from the healthcare stakeholders to pharmaceutical industry trust us

1000+ speakers and more than 20,000 health professionals have joined us throughout our diverse portfolio of events.

Taylor made Roadshows

Based on our experience in organizing events and taking advantage of our deep local relationships, Bamberg Health also organizes specialized events and roadshows made ad-hoc based on the needs of each organization and the target audience expected.

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